Reincarnated As A Mother

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Pure Panic

Today was a doozy of a day.
But I'm gonna have to take it in chronological order to have it all make sense.
First off, I got up at way dark-thirty for our latest Baldapalooza television interview.
Pam Brown came over to watch the sleeping children and get them up and ready for school.
My other dear friend, Lori Renn picked me up and chauffeured me to Channel 6's studios
(thank heavens-- I'm not sure I'd be safe driving at that hour).
We met the band Waking Jordan there
and unlike Monday's interview with the NBC station where they wanted
pictures, links, suggested questions and a background write-up.
This morning's was a total fly by the seat of every one's pants.
But I think it went well enough.
We got most of the information across.
Here's a link
Hopefully, everyone will head to for tickets and info.
I get home about 7:45 to find the girls ready for school and lunches made.
Thanks Pam!
But I was surprised to find that Keanut was still sleeping.
He is my little Rooster-- up with the sun.
Reese didn't make my wondering go away when she told me he was "kinda up earlier and he
was burning up" so she took off his pajamas.
Of course, I couldn't get up the stairs and check on him fast enough.
And thankfully he had no fever.
But he kept sleeping and sleeping.
Finally a little after 9 o'clock I went to wake him up since he had therapy at 9:30.
When I went in his room, he was awake but staring vacantly off into space.
I couldn't get him to respond to me or even look at me.
When I scooped him up, he felt like a bag of jello-- he was totally lethargic and had no tone.
I took him downstairs and set him on the couch where he just crumbled.
Two times I tried to get him to sit up -- but he couldn't.
He just slumped down on the couch.
By this time I was completely freaked out of my mind.
I kept thinking back to one of our friends from the hospital -- a teenage girl
who was in the very phase Kean is in and had a Spinal Tap with Methotrexate
a drug she had had many, many times.
But this one time she had a horrific reaction and suffered something along the lines of a stroke.
She was paralyzed -- couldn't move or speak for two weeks.
When we met her she was relearning how to walk and talk.
Kean had a dose of Methotrexate yesterday (not a Spinal though) and then wouldn't eat.
So of course, I'm fearing the worst.
To make a very long story short-- the new therapist showed up (his old one had her baby yesterday)
and the nurse I had on the phone from the Cancer Clinic had her assess him.
He didn't have a temp-- quite the opposite. He was 97.2.
His Nystagmus (shaky eyes) was much worse than usual and he had a bit of what sounded like gunk in his chest. 
Plus, his skin was more mottled than normal.
Thankfully, within an hour he was coming around quickly
and by the time his Oncologist was consulted, Kean was back to about 80 percent of his energy.
So we dodged the big bullet and didn't have to head to the hospital.
What a strange day.  He's happy and seems fine this evening.
The only thing it may be is low blood sugar.
He wouldn't eat any dinner last night and only drank half of his Pediasure at bedtime.
Who knows.
I just know I'm one thankful momma to have all of us at home tonight and not trying to sleep in the ol' hospital.
Sleep in my own bed is hard enough right now with all this Baldapalooza stuff going on!