Reincarnated As A Mother

Monday, September 16, 2013

Post Mortem

It has been kinda strange today... getting back into the swing of things
without Baldapalooza looming large.
We figure we had about 700 attendees-- less than we wanted
but I guess not so bad considering it was our first year and we were completely
shut down by a storm for a good hour.
Friends have sent over a few pictures I wanted to share.
Especially this one. I don't know who's more thrilled to be off house arrest--
Kean or Byron and I!
My friend Pam sent this over.  I loved that she titled the email:
"Your mom looks 30"!
Here's a shot of most of our headliners singing that powerful closing number.
Look carefully, don't you just love how many of them are looking up in the sky with wonder?
They were looking at these huge paper lanterns some of our cancer families lit.
Jennifer--one of our volunteers who is only months out of having a bone marrow transplant
is lighting this one.
And Byron helped our three girls light lanterns to represent Kean
(who by this time was home and in bed).
Perhaps we should've sent Reesey with him.
She ran plum out of gas right after the singing ended.
In case you'd like to hear and see... here's a link
to the final song;  Hallelujah.
Just remember, this doesn't do it justice.
We all had chills and/or tears.