Reincarnated As A Mother

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Kean has this quirky little habit that we always giggle over.
Check out his favorite position for watching his beloved Cars.
 I can't begin to think that would be comfortable
but it sure works for him.
Crazy kid.
Today was another insane day of trying to get all the details worked out for Baldapalooza.
If you are coming, get your tickets now.
If you are not coming, please submit a note from your doctor explaining why!
Our on-line auction went hot today.
So for all you outta-towners who want to support Keanut and his gang...
here's your chance to get some great deals on some really cool stuff:
p.s.  this is my 1000th post.
Forget Kean.
I'm the crazy one.
But this is my therapy and it is really quite affordable.