Reincarnated As A Mother

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Another Freaky Thing

It's not that I hold my breath for every one of these
cancer screenings/follow-ups.
But I kinda  do.
We went back to the hospital yesterday.
I have to put a long sleeve shirt on Kean for
these days after I numb up his arms for blood draws.
Otherwise, he'll just pull the wrapping right off
and not have "sleepy" arms.
He was so funny, when it came time for his
"vampire draws" (as we so lovingly call them),
he pulled his shirt up to expose his chest for the nurse.
Now that his port is gone, he finally gets it.
Go figure!
 We had a lot of waiting time...
 Evidently, Kean's doc, Dr. Camilo had a very
complicated patient right before us.
We know what that's like-- so we gladly waited our turn.
 And we had the hospital's secret weapon-- Miss Jen.
 Her job is to play with the kids- and play -- or dance --
she does.  Kean loves her.  Heck, we all do!
 Kean's counts look good.
I wasn't sure they would, he's been sick an
awful lot over the past two months.
But he is plugging along.
There is a couple of discolored bumps on his spine 
we are watching.
One has been there for over a month.
The other, popped up the week.
 I told Dr. Camilo, we cancer moms are
ruined human beings.  Anything strange
pops up, and we fear the worst, that cancer
has invaded our lives again.
He doesn't think it is a tumor.  It is too
squishy and fleshy (and Kean doesn't wince).
So chalk it up to another freaky thing
to add to our long list of freaky things.
You'd think by now I'd be used to this stuff.