Reincarnated As A Mother

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Safe and Sound

We are cramming in the fun people.  Cramming it in.
We spent the long weekend up at the cabin at Lake Cascade
with our friends, the Cluff's.  Mitch is Byron's best friend
from our days in Arizona.
 We had a lot of bumming around time... and Greer's traditional
Bingo (complete with dollar store prizes).
On Saturday, we took a ride up the mountain for a hike into Blue Lake.
 These pictures don't do it justice.
It looked a bit like Switzerland-- lush and green.
 Greer and Elizabeth (Cluff) were my hiking companions.
We went one way, while the rest of the gang went the other
way around the lake.
 And guess where we met up?
A snowbank in July!
 Of course, my crazy crew turned it into a ski competition.
We had a great afternoon, in a beautiful place...
 that is... until Holland and Greer shattered the peace
with their snowball fight.
 And Kean scratched his dad's face up with his fingernails.
Ug.  We can't figure out why he does this every once in a  while.
But poor Byron, he looks like Frankenstein currently - with
a jagged, bloody cut down his cheek.
Kean felt guilty enough, he moped all the way out for the hike.
 Days later, Byron still has a kink in his neck from
the lopsided kid.
The Cluff's headed back to our home for the 4th, while we
stayed up and went boating on the Lake with our good friend
and neighbor, Tony Brown.  The girls were all over
his tube-- even Kean got out and loved it.
Of course, after the great phone incident of 2016
(where Kean tossed my phone into Lake Perkins),
my phone stayed at the cabin.
Safe and sound.