Reincarnated As A Mother

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

We've Been To Hell, Now Time For Heaven

We are still basking in the glow of an incredible weekend
up at Lake Perkins, just outside Stanley.
Everywhere we looked, it was like looking at a picture from a postcard.
 We spent four days with our Camp Rainbow Gold Family
(they run camps for kids with cancer, siblings, and family retreats).
We were one of the lucky seventeen families picked to go.
We got our own cabin...
 our very own counselor (assigned to our family).
Meet Cori, a surgical nurse at St. Luke's.  
By the end of the four days, she was part of our family.
We love her!
It was a near perfect get-away.
Even Kean seemed to thrive.
Before every meal, we'd all gather in a huge circle,
hold hands and sing a sweet little song.
Every single time, without fail, Kean would make his way
to the middle of the circle.
That kid!
We spent our days doing everything-- relaxing, playing, smiling
and being together as a family.
 You can't believe all the activities they had for us--
archery, rock climbing, mountain biking,
fishing, hiking, geocaching etc. 
 The weather was also on vacation-- it was 
60's and 70's each day.
Lovely, lovely.
 One of our favorites was definitely the time spent on the lake.
We crammed in paddle boarding,
 and canoeing.
 This was on Friday... when we were all happy and giddy.
The next day, while out on paddle boats, Kean (in lighting fast fashion)
dug my phone out of my pocket, tossed it away in an attempt to find
any left over candy.
It, and all the fabulous photos we took of EVERYTHING
are now resting peacefully forever at the bottom of the lake.
It will take me a while to get over the great phone incident of 2016.
(Our friend Trent lent us his underwater camera for the photos
we do have here).
 One night, we all dressed up in the craziest of costumes
and danced the night away.  I hope to track down
photos from that night.  Trust me, we really let loose.
Another night, we had the Wish Cone ceremony.
Everyone is given a pine cone and writes what they wish
on pieces of paper, ties the wishes to the cone and then
throws the cone in the fire to send those wishes up to the heavens.
When you are with all families who have been devastated by cancer,
you can only imagine what an emotional experience that evening is
for all of us.
But before that, we hold an absolutely wonderful
night of singing, sharing of talents, skits, and silly jokes.
My personal favorite by one of the little boys-- "what did
the fish say when he swam into a wall?  Damn!"
Greer wowed the crowd with a solo,
 Reese got up and sang along with the house band
and then all three girls sang their favorite Christmas song.
 What I love about this night is that it is a safe place
filled with nothing but love.
Anyone can get up and tell the lamest joke, sing off key,
dance like a newborn goat-- you name it-- and only feel
cherished, loved and supported.
Come to think of it, that's how the entire camp feels.
We all say words can't begin to capture what a magical,
loving place Camp Rainbow Gold is for all of us.
It is not worth having a child go through cancer to get
to experience this blessing-- but if you do, it is the most
beautiful place to be-- filled with the best people with the biggest hearts.