Reincarnated As A Mother

Monday, June 27, 2016

Almost Famous

Does it make us famous if we hang out with someone who is?
We had a great weekend-- Andy Grammer was in town
to perform at the Boise Music Festival.
 Andy was our headliner last year for our Baldapalooza
(children's cancer fundraiser).  He agreed to meet with us
this weekend-- and we got to have breakfast with his Tour
Manager the day before.
That's Angie, our Baldapalooza Executive Director with
Welshie (Andy's Tour Manager) at the festival on Saturday.
 For some reason, he was charmed by we three girls
(Angie, myself and Calene- one of our main volunteers).
We stayed (in the heat) and listened to Andy wow
the crowd.
I, especially enjoyed relaxing and listening to Andy--
last year, I was running around and answering questions
for about a third of his performance.
 So this was quite the treat--  he puts on a fantastic show.
 Oh, and Monday morning brought some big changes to our routine.
Kean started Extended School Year today--
(I think it is a version of Summer School for those who really need it).
 It was kinda strange for the girls and I to push him down
to the ol' bus stop.  He rode his little therapy bike.
 I'm not sure he could figure out what was going on--
new bus, new bus driver, aid, school, teacher
and classmates.
He is such a creature of habit, I'm sure today
was quite discombobulating.
This was one of those times I really, really wish he 
could talk more than he does!