Reincarnated As A Mother

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Hats Off-- Literally!

Even though we had a holiday on Monday, this week has
seemed so incredibly long.
Both Greer and Kean got some type of stomach bug on Tuesday
so there was an inordinate amount of laundry done
and a lot of time spent reading books and doing flash cards.
 Wednesday brought a problem with Kean still not feeling well
at school and an issue with his eye-- which led to an unplanned
visit to the doctor's!
By today (Thursday), my goal was just for him to make
it through the hour set aside for Kindergarten graduation.
Grandpa Bodily (Gobily) was my hot date.
 Kean had his own chair (with an aid behind him or beside him
the entire time).  He would never have made it standing on the risers
for an hour.
 He was surprisingly good, even somewhat participating
in some of the little songs they sang for their program.
 Just notice though, out of all the Kindergarten classes--
about 90 students, Kean was the only kiddo refusing to wear
his graduation cap.  And refuse he did.  We were quite
entertained throughout the program as his poor aid
tried her hardest to get him to put it on-- even for a minute.
He'd push is away, toss it, or turn his back on the hat!
He did cooperate when it came time to pick up his diploma though...
Oh, and he still wouldn't wear that hat- even for Gobily.
 That kid-- I always say, he has an extra chromosome
of stubborness.
 I did get a particularly sweet photo of him cuddling with his
Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Hymas.
 She is as loving and kind as she looks.
It is pretty obvious Kean adores her.
 And this is his buddy, Bobby.
Bobby's mom is Kean's aid and over the Special Ed program
at his school.  Bobby, thankfully, has taken Kean under
his wing, even playing with him at recess etc.
  And we can't have a graduation day without a picture
with his aid, Mrs. Baker (or Baker if you are Kean).
She has the perfect combination of love and firmness
to work with this boy of ours.
We hope, hope, hope she will be with him next year.
And yes, we did suggest to his teacher that she move up too!
By the way, next year-- he will move up to First Grade.
We feel it is best to keep him with his peers even 
though he is quite delayed.
He still gets exhausted before his 3 hour Kindergarten
class is over.  So he will be starting out with a modified
first grade-- only going three hours.
Hopefully, he will get stronger and we can add on to that.