Reincarnated As A Mother

Monday, January 19, 2015

The Plague

We escaped this past weekend--
we went up to McCall with our friends, Don and Marcee Cook.
They have a time share and were crazy enough to invite us.
 Kean was still having a rough go of it from his heavy Chemo
but it was nice to have a change of scenery for house arrest.
I figured he could be miserable there as easily as he could be
miserable at home.
And luckily, he was only feeling lousy part of the time.
The best part of the trip (or so I'm told)
was when Byron and the Cook's took all of the
kids on a 50 mile round trip snow mobile ride
into some hot springs where they soaked for a few hours.
 Byron and Reese rode on one sled
while Holland and Greer took turns driving the second one.
They all came home rather exhausted- but happy.
 Then today, our entire family (minus Kean who was going to stay with Grandma)
was supposed to go up in to the mountains again--
this time, with a huge group of cancer families and Camp
Rainbow Gold for a big sled fest.
 Here's Byron and Holland...
 and here's Greer.
 What you won't see are any pictures of Reese or moi.
That's because, lucky us, we stayed home to take Reese to the doctor.
She was up all night-- her fever spiked at 104 this morning with a
lovely side of vomiting thrown in for fun.
 She tested negative for Influenza B-- even though she had all
the signs (stuffy nose, headache, sore throat, severe aches)...
And our pediatrician said she wasn't taking any chances with a 
false negative and with Kean-- so guess what?
Reese and Kean are now on Tamiflu with prescriptions
for the rest of the family waiting in the wings.
Poor Reesey is one sick chicken.
But here's hoping the rest of the family, especially Kean
somehow avoids this plague!
p.s.  Lysol is my new best friend.