Reincarnated As A Mother

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A Pregnancy

Nine months ladies and gentlemen.
Nine months.
The time it takes to bring a baby full term into this world
is the same amount
of time we have left for Kean's Chemo.
We are getting there, aren't we!
I also had to show you something special that came in the mail.
Kean got his first "Joy Jar".
A little girl by the name of Jessie Joy Rees died of cancer at age 12.
Her family keeps her memory alive and continues her legacy of love
by sending little packages of encouragement
to other children fighting cancer.
 Kean's was filled with a puzzle, cards, a slinky, toys and a hat and socks
that say NEGU-- never, ever give up!
They asked for the ages and sex of Kean's siblings as well.
I have a feeling we might see more of these little
pick me up Joy Jars in the mail in the future.