Reincarnated As A Mother

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Ah, we've had a stay of execution.
Reese, after throwing up three times this morning, is much, much, much better
this evening.
She even ate dinner with us.
Tonight the gang watched The Sound of Music.
Don't know if I've told you that Kean's favorite song is
"My Favorite Things".
He loved all of the singing parts.
Two things to tell you about with Kean.
First thing this morning, he pulled a cup off the counter, put
about a tablespoon of water in it from the door of the refrigerator
and took it over to sick little Reese.
(He's never done anything like that)!
That's the sweet, good little story.
Now for the big time cringe story:
tonight he went over to the counter, pulled Reese's cup
with a straw down and took a big drink before we could get to him.
Praying, hoping, pleading she's not contagious still and he won't
come down with her gunk.
(He's never done anything like that either)!
Aye yai yai... these kids!