Reincarnated As A Mother

Sunday, July 10, 2016

And They Are Off.....

We live on one speed at our house:  whirlwind.
Our company that stayed with us for ten days flew home
on Saturday morning.
Man, oh man, was it ever quiet.
We picked Greer and Holland up from church Girl's Camp
Saturday night.
It sounds like they had a blast.
One of the leaders sent me a couple of pictures of Holland
with her friends.  (Sorry, none of Greer).
 They got home exhausted and with bags full of dirty clothes.
 We hurried and washed everything...
and then packed it all again.
First thing this morning, the three girls
loaded up and checked in to go to Camp Rainbow Gold's
Siblings Cancer camp.
 Each of them had to have a thorough check over--
temperature, blood pressure, 
 and don't forget- lice and Athlete's Foot check.
Reese is the only one who wouldn't kill me for putting
on a picture of this.
 It was reunion time for the girls-- seeing some of their
dearest friends from camp before.
We are pretty sure this is one of their favorite times of the year.
Camp Rainbow Gold is magical and wonderful and, and, and....

 We all looked like drowned rats by the time they loaded onto the buses.
We have a week of having an only child at home
and they will have a week of heaven.
Win, win.