Reincarnated As A Mother

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Kean's First School Yard Brawl!

Today was one doozy of a day.
We got up with the sun to pick berries and
then get Kean off to his last day of "Extended
School Year".  He went four weeks this summer
and seemed to do okay--
 Until today, that is.
He was fine taking off on the bus.
 But I got a call from his teacher at the end of his three hour session-
telling me some 1st grader had clocked him in the face with his fist.
She said the boy has behavioral problems and that Kean didn't do
anything to provoke, he just happened to be standing in the wrong place
when this kid went off.
Kean came home with a bit of blood on his shorts but other than a rosy
cheek, I can't see anything wrong.  And other than being a little
grumpy (who wouldn't be?), he was fine.
 So, on top of Kean getting hit,
both dogs limping (and Lola moping around all depressed)...
 there is Reese.
The girls had three of their closest friends over
from Siblings Cancer camp- Camp Rainbow Gold all day yesterday.
And while Reese was all smiles most of the time,
 she got kicked in the head while playing a game in the swimming pool Monday night.
 She screamed in pain for quite some time, has had clear fluid
constantly coming out of it-- so we figured she broke her ear drum.
She was still in quite a bit of pain today, so I took her to the doc.
Because, hey, you know that's my favorite thing in the world to do, right?
There's a lot of fluid and gunk. But no big sign of a tear or problem.
We go back in a week after the antibiotics have had a chance to work.
And that was only half of the crazy stuff that happened today.
I swear, never a dull moment around here.
I'm off to bed!