Reincarnated As A Mother

Friday, March 11, 2016

Who Gives A Hoot About A Pullitzer

Do you ever have one of those days you can chalk up as just an all around great day?!?
Yesterday was definitely one of them.
I was invited to tag along with the "Almost Famous" book club to go hear
Anthony Doerr speak.
Once upon a time, I was in that book club -- b.k.  (before Kean).
Maybe, just maybe, I can rejoin my friends.
 Tony Doerr is a writer but not just a writer.  He is a writer's writer--
the first few words that describe leaflets floating down from the sky 
in this book- got me.  In fact, got me to the point, I wanted to lock
myself in my room, salivate over every word and not be bothered
until I finished each and every beautiful page.
He won the Pullitzer Prize for fiction in 2015 - deservedly so.
If you haven't read it, you must.
He spent ten years,  yes, that was not a typo, ten years
writing and researching this book.  And I must admit, I was
completely and utterly mesmerized with his remarks.
He was hilarious, humble and very likeable.
It was fascinating to hear his stories-- of what triggered the idea
for the book, how he came up with the characters, their back stories
and the meticulous research he did for even the smallest of details
(such as what a resourceful French cook would be able to make
using war rations in occupied France).  
And for a guy who is supposedly an introvert, he was
marvelous behind the mic.  He gave us a glimpse into the workings
of his mind by showing a series of slides toward the beginning of his presentation.
This one (sorry for the poor quality) is an extreme close-up of used
dental floss.  Yes, I know, icky.  But he showed all kinds
of these to us because he is clearly fascinated by science and the world.
It helped us to understand why he wanted one of the main themes of All the Light We Cannot See 
to focus on the miracle of light and sound waves in the form of radio waves
in the book.
You will just have to read it.
 Then last night we headed out to the Nampa Civic Center
for opening night of Greer's play:  Seussical the Musical.
 By the way, for me to even put these on my blog-- I'm being a big
time rule breaker.
After I snapped a few pictures, we were told at intermission
photography was prohibited and we needed to delete
any photos from our phones.
 So I'll quit showing cast photos and show cute Greer
after she changed out of many costumes.
Let's see, she played a Who, a glow-in-the-dark fish, the blue bird that
made up a trio of jungle singers, a ballerina at the circus
and a cadet (above).
 She is in heaven, in her element
and oh, let me add, exhausted.
 She has another show tonight and tomorrow night
(both sold out) and a matinee on Saturday.