Reincarnated As A Mother

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Only Our Family!!!

Clearly we can't do anything nice and easy. 
Right after Kindergarten, I took Kean for a check up
with his ENT.  He's had three sets of tubes in those ol' ears
and one of them is no longer in place but doesn't want to come out.
I'm trying to avoid more surgery, so we go in regularly to make sure
that little tube isn't causing problems. And so far, so good.
 Kean had a grand time playing trucks in the waiting room.
But geez, you should have been there for the scene we caused
in the main waiting area.
First, let me set the stage.  I never sit with Kean in the children's
waiting area.  Too many germs and germy kids.
So we always wait in the old folks area- and today we
were the only ones without grey hair.
This lady gave him one of those little Dum Dum suckers
and before I knew it, Kean had bitten off the entire sucker
and swallowed it.  Well, kinda.  He actually choked on it.
Kean is not a choker.  Until today.  He started gagging and gasping.
I jumped up, pulled him into a standing position and started smacking him on the back
and prepared to do the Heimlich.  Meanwhile, a couple of the old ladies start hollering at the top
of their lungs for help.
It was crazier than it needed to be.
Within seconds, he started screaming (to add to their screaming) and crying.
I knew he was gonna be okay since he was crying.  But he was still gagging
and mucus was coming out of his mouth.  What's up with that?  I know nothing
about choking.
Anyway, a nurse came running, a doctor and of course, everyone had to 
lookey look.
Lucky for us, they took us right back to the examining room after
the big spectacle.
 Obviously, he's no worse for the experience.
Fun, fun times.