Reincarnated As A Mother

Monday, March 28, 2016

Jammed Packed

We just got back from an absolutely fabulous (and absolutely exhausting)
  Spring Break vacation.
We started out driving to Vegas to stay one last time in my
parent's home. They are selling it and it closes later this week.
(They've been splitting their time with their home here in Idaho).
 Then it was off to sunny California-- perfect weather
for the beach and for everything else.
Except driving that is.
Don't even get me started.
 Sunday evening Byron flew home
and we (along with my one of my closest girlfriends, Anita
who met up with us from Arizona) drove down the coast
to have dinner with a buddy of mine from my single days-
Scott McGregor and his wife, Annique.
 Let's see, the next day, we just  had to have In and Out--
I believe that's required if you are in So. Cal.
At least that's what my kids say.
 Monday night we hooked up with one of my favorite
photographers I worked with at KPNX in Phoenix
and at KCBS in L.A.-- Rob Macey and his family.
 We went to a place called Boomer's in Irvine-
rode rides, (as you can see, Kean likes the ride part)
 played games... (that's Rob in the red)
and hit the Go Carts several times.
 Kean was a little obsessed and quite serious about
driving the Go Carts.
Tuesday morning, bright and early, we headed to Legoland.
 We met up with this crew-- Les Rose and his family.
Les and I worked together at KCBS.  He now shoots
many of those wonderful Steve Hartman (On the Road)
 stories for the CBS Evening News.
Les's boys, Robert and Christopher have spent five summer
camps (and are now counselors) at Legoland.
We couldn't have asked for better tour guides.
They knew everything and even some of the top designers
at the park.
Once again, we were quite spoiled.
Kean was in heaven-- at least while he was on the rides.
 And the girls had a grand time hamming it up.
 I loved how the park had "down time" built in - time for 
the kids to build.
 The park is definitely geared toward the younger set--
I think this was Kean's best day of vacation.
 And who wouldn't have a blast with these two as your escorts.
Check out Kean on probably his favorite ride-- while Les and I watched.
I'm happy to say we all loved Legoland.
And this is only part of our Spring Break.
I'll post the rest later.  
I apologize for the length but really,
this is for me to try and remember all
the sweet moments.
I'd say these kids have earned this break!