Reincarnated As A Mother

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

California Dreamin'

I need to tell you that as part of Kean's Make A Wish trip back in November,
we were given an International Amusement Park Passport
that gives our family a free pass good for one year to
all kinds of places (Six Flags, Legoland, Magic Mountain, Lagoon etc.).
We felt we were crazy not to use some of it for Spring Break.
The passport included passes to the San Diego Zoo
where we had a chance to see all kinds of creatures--
or in this case, they had a chance to see us.
 The longest lines were to see this cute little guy. 
 Our passes included an "ability" pass that 
made it so we didn't have to wait in lines.
What a blessing.
 Kean loved taking the sky trams over the zoo.
We rode them several times.
 The next day we took a day off to relax.  I don't know who needed
it more-- me or Kean!
We all drove up to LAX to pick up Byron (he had to fly home
and work for part of the week).
And then it was time for one of my favorite evenings--
we met three of my close friends for dinner.  
Robbi Peele and I have been friends since I worked in North Carolina.
She's the brunette next to me.
She is an Investigative Producer (worked for Dateline and a number
of local stations). We have tons of memories together at Investigative 
Reporter Conventions.
Chris Jolly is next to her.  He's like a brother.  One of the
most talented photojournalists in the country-- we worked
together in Phoenix and then in L.A.  He now is an editor for
the CBS Evening News.
And then Lori Carnahan is the blond next to Holland.
Lori is a Deputy District Attorney in L.A.  She and I traveled 
around Europe together several times before I got married.
 We talked for THREE hours-- catching up.  It was great.
The kids were so patient... that is until we got outside and
Greer had to "perform" for her little audience.
 I guess it was time for my friends to be patient!  Ha!
 The next morning, we headed back down to San Diego
(this time with Byron) for part two of the zoo-- the
Safari Park.
 As if the San Diego Zoo isn't spread out enough,
this one is 18 times larger.
I loved this picture that shows Kean's feet
wrapped around Greer like a little monkey.
 Lucky for us, we could take in much of the park
on a Safari truck tour.
 We even got to see this little baby giraffe-- a baby that
was a whopping 6 feet tall at birth.
 Oh, was it good to have Byron along.
 One of the other highlights for us was the Butterfly garden.
 The flying insects were everywhere and landed on our clothes
and in Holland's hair.  So fun.
 We then headed over to Mission Beach in San Diego
to Belmont Park-- where Kean rode the carousel- oh, about
a thousand times.  At least that's what it felt like to us.
 The girls were everywhere-- up the sides of walls...
 and bumping into all of us on the Bumper Cars.
Clearly, another big winner with the boy.
 We hit the bumper cars several times too--
but always headed back to the wild horses on the carousel.
 We did this while the girls rode the old fashioned
wooden roller coaster right on the beach over and over again.
 Saturday morning, we headed back to the beach for a little R & R.
By this time, Kean was spent.
This is about as much action as he got on the beach.  He spent
most of our time on my lap.
 The kids, including the extra big kid on the right
frolicked in the water and jumped rope with a long piece
of seaweed on the sand.
 My friend Lori Carnahan spent the day with us at the beach
then let the girls ride in her new convertible to lunch.
I do believe they fell right into this California Lifestyle
a little too easily.  Greer has decided she wants to be Lori's 
personal assistant.
 We then spent the next day and half driving home (ug).
But can I tell you how great it felt to be home, to sleep in my own bed
and to be out of that insane traffic.  I don't know how I ever
handled it before.
Kean was thrilled and exhausted.
Of course, being around all those germs, he is now sick.
We have hospital testing/cancer screening tomorrow
and my gut says to pack an overnight bag.  I wouldn't be
too shocked if he doesn't get admitted.