Reincarnated As A Mother

Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Lot Of Christmas Cheer

One of our family's very favorite Christmas traditions is attending our
good friend Mary K's annual holiday par-tee.
This is her nephew Mason holding the Keanster.
Mason is a mere 6 foot 7.
Kean comes in at around 2 feet.

 The party is mostly adults... but a handful of kids are invited--- obviously ours.
 And every year, Mary K (below in the corner in the white)
brings in entertainment for the party.  One year, she had a couple of actors from
the Shakespeare Festival, another year it was a magician, another-- a comedian.
Somehow or other, our girls have always kicked off the evening with a few Christmas Carols.
This year, they sang Up On the Rooftop and Christmas Bells Are Ringing.
Reese stole the show with a bit of a solo.
The girls are pretty brave.  There's probably about 150 people at these parties.

This year Mary K's college aged son and his buddies got up after the girls
to do their own caroling.
Let's just say they'd been nipping a bit at the bar and had no qualms about getting
up and belting it out at the top of their lungs.
Too bad I didn't take video so you too could listen in.  It was funny stuff.
Interpret that as they were awful.
 The hired entertainment this year was three personality packed singers
with some great pipes.
This was their Santa Baby rendition.
 On top of the always fun entertainment and the killer food--
some of our dearest friends in the world are always there:
here's Reese with Foad and Susan
And Kean with Ali and Joannah (Joannah happens to also be Greer's 3rd grade teacher).
Plus, I get to hang with the most handsome guy at the party.