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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Peanut's Progress

Could I be any further behind on my posts?
Hold on everyone...   we have a lot to catch up on.
I probably ought to start with Kean.
 He must be what we like to call in a learning window-- 'cause the kid is blossoming.
He has mastered the art of pulling himself up to a standing position-- in his crib, to the couch, to a chair etc.
He, as of the week of Christmas, can walk along the couch-- which by the way, was our goal with therapy.
As evidenced by the picture below, his new- found reach is allowing him to get into all kinds of things.
In one fell swoop, he nearly destroyed the horsey mobile hanging over his crib. 
There used to be three other ponies sewn on those leather straps.
 He's also turned a corner in the communications department.
He now regularly signs more, all done, bath, night-night, eat, lion, monkey, bird.
And he has expanded his verbal repertoire to making several animal sounds, saying hi, bye-bye, up, dad-duh and momma.
And once in a while he will surprise us by mimic-ing a new word-- such as big.
He works so very, very hard.
 Thankfully, he gets an overabundance of help from his sisters.
In more ways than you can imagine.
Holland decided to do makeovers on her sisters....
And Kean couldn't be left out--I just wish I'd gotten close ups of his dainty painted toes and fingernails.
 Finally, at nearly 2 1/2 years of age, he has officially mastered crawling.
For months, he has done his army crawl-- well, the week of Christmas, he surprised us
with traditional crawling!!!!
I was excited when my girls reached each of these milestones.
But, everything with him is so different.
Each tiny goal we meet is hugely celebrated. 
I really couldn't have had a better Christmas!


Stacy said...

Very cool stuff ... and super cute pictures of your little man! I can't wait to meet him!