Reincarnated As A Mother

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Smiles All Around

Drum roll please: 
Finally here it is mid-January and I'm about to post about Christmas Morn.
Ah, but I say, better late than never.
Holland, the little sneak, woke up at dark-thirty.
We made her leave everyone alone until a little after six, when we called my folks to head on over.
Then it was time for the stampede...
 Yep.  Santa came.
 Reese got the American Girl doll she wanted...
 Kean got the train set, I think he would have wanted, if he could have told me...
 And Grammy and Grandpa spoiled the kids (as usual)... the girls got
a sewing machine with the "fixins"
 and Holland and Greer got the hit of the year:  Roller Blades.
 Grandma Kay sent each of the girls an angel to hopefully encourage them to be more angelic!
 And momma scored big-time with a treasure hunt
that led me to a new washing machine and dryer (mine were
nearing the antique stage)!
Byron got some cool woodworking tools:  his first project?
A cabinet to sit my new washer and dryer on.
Double score!