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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

So Golden

My oh-so-young looking parents celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary the other day.
That just seems so crazy they have been together that long, 'cause that makes us all old!
We threw a great party for them, though...
Here's a few highlights.
My photography is seriously lacking-- but we made centerpieces out of
cake platters with my dad's favorites: mixed nuts.
 This was the "memory" table... lots of old photos, yearbooks and mementos.
 I put together a scrapbook and had extra pages for the guests to sign at this table...
I'm totally bummed I didn't get better pictures of the food table in the center of the room.
It was beautiful-- you'll have to look around the kids.
 That's my cute nephew Derek making sure the table was stocked.
 This had the potential to be ultra cheesy but I think it turned out okay.
Lot's of hilarious pictures of our family growing up and my folks in their younger years.
And finally, Byron and I put together a dvd of old photos set to old standards.
Reese really wanted me to take her picture standing here...
 This is my Uncle Rod and Aunt RoEen, my mom's younger sister.
She is the genius that made us all look good. 
For years, she used to decorate the Governor's mansion in Utah for the holidays...
and she worked her magic on helping up make this look pretty amazing.
I shudder to think what Dana (my sis-in-law) and I would have pulled together
without my Aunt!
 Here's my dad with his little sister, my dear Aunt Tauna who drove up from St. George for the shin dig.
 I love this picture of my mom with her brothers... these guys are amazing!
 And since I've already admitted to my lack of talents as a photographer,
you'll have to forgive me for failing to get a picture of my parents together on their big night.
You'll have to settle for this booby prize-- me and my honey with Reese peeking out from behind.
If we live to make it to our 50th... oh man, I can't even write how old we will be!


The Good Life on Less! said...

Looks really fun! Your aunts are AMAZING!