Reincarnated As A Mother

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

No Black Hairy Tongue-- yet!

Sad but true... here Kean is only weeks away from his 2nd birthday
and tonight for the first time ever....
he had a lollipop.
I think it was nirvana for him.
He's healthy and happy.
We're keeping our fingers crossed.
He's currently on antibiotics for his third bout with Strep Throat.
He'd go off his meds and the very next day he'd get sick again.
So last week, his pediatrician tested our entire family
for Strep.
Surprise, surprise... I tested positive and so did Reese.
And yet, neither of us have any symptoms.
So we are both on antibiotics.
And here's the best part:
under the side effects for my medication it says--
"although this effect is uncommon, you may develop a black, "hairy" tongue
while taking this medication.  This side effect is harmless and usually
goes away after treatment."
So far, so good.  No signs of hair on the ol' tongue.


Marti said...

Wow, you have just become the coolest mom on the planet. Can you imagine being able to brag to your friends, "My Mom has a hairier tongue than yours does! And it's BLACK!"

Hahaha! Reese has Show and Tell on the 1st day of Kindergarten LOCKED UP!