Reincarnated As A Mother

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Butterin' Up

If you didn't know, you must not be within earshot.
Reese's birthday is tomorrow and boy is she workin' everyone to get her a present.
The other night she told me she "had" to go down to Grandpa Bodily's but she wouldn't tell me why.
I finally coaxed it out of her... she needed to remind them about getting her some bee day presents.
Grandpa  Bodily (our neighbor if you don't read this regularly) told me she had already come
down earlier in the day and was looking in just about every closet and behind every piece of furniture.
She is serious about this birthday stuff.
I took this pic of her the other morning.  I was sending the kids out to pick
raspberries first thing.  And this is how she came down dressed and ready to go:  with her snowboots.
It is July, you know.


Marti said...

She knows what looks good! She's down with it!

And think about it: she'll fit in well in Los Angeles, someday.

Because Lonni, you and I both know IT'S NOT HOW YOU FEEL, IT'S HOW YOU LOOK.

I see her wearing some vicious 6 inch open-toed spiked heels.. with a big ole grin to cover the pain. Ouch!