Reincarnated As A Mother

Thursday, August 4, 2016

The Meanest Mom

Last year, I threw Reese a huge 9th birthday party
(I admit, mostly out of guilt for all the short changed
birthdays she's had over the last seven years).
So this year, I told her I wasn't doing another party,
she could just have a few friends over to do something.
Big sister Greer and her friend Jaymie decided that
wasn't very nice.
They came up with a surprise party for Reese.
Here's the funniest part.
They went to all this work-- printed posters, made signs,
came up with theme foods and decorations and activities-- all based
around the theme of the Hunger Games.
But get this, Reese's friends hadn't seen the Hunger Games or get any of the games, food or signs.
Thankfully, that didn't put a damper on the party.
They still scarfed down all the food
and played and played in the pool.
I don't know how we'd throw a single birthday party
without Grandpa Bodily's (Gobily's) pool!