Reincarnated As A Mother

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Birthday Cone of Shame

I absolutely love this picture.
My friend Fabiana took it THREE YEARS ago
when we did the photo shoot for the Hall of Heroes
at St. Luke's Children's Hospital.
This boy is growing up so very fast.
 Today we celebrated his seventh trip around the sun.
And what did he want for dinner?  Tacos.
It is a big deal that he has progressed enough to tell us
what he wants for dinner.
He is doing really well.
(Knock on wood)!!!
 For the first time ever, he blew out some of the candles on his cake
and was engaged and excited to open some of his presents.
 He was particularly taken with this little car his Aunt Kori
sent him.  He'd push the button and giggle as it raced across the table.
 Alas, the item that got the most play
(and wasn't even a birthday gift) was
the dog's cone of shame.
Go figure!


Mark Lewis said...

Happy Bday to your little Prince! It is our baby Ericas 21st! Off to NYC we go to celebrate..