Reincarnated As A Mother

Monday, August 22, 2016

And They Are Off...

Let's face it.  The Internet has been full 
of all these darling portraits of kids holding signs
about what grade they are in or what school they are going to.
I'm lucky to a. get my kids off to school
and b. be alert enough to snap a picture on my phone.
Poor Holland starts her day with an out the door time of 6 a.m.
Yes, it is still dark.
And yes, she's still half asleep.
 Greer is a much more palatable 7 a.m.
 Remember, I was crazy enough to have four kids going to four schools.
Reese and Kean both ride buses.
Luckily they are supposed to be only 15 minutes apart.
 Reese got on and left us with no problems.
 Kean's bus was well over half an hour late.  Which means we played around
and rode his bicycle for nearly 50 minutes.
But once he got on the bus, he was fine.
His new bus driver and aid, by the way, are darling.
The first day is under our belt.
They all seemed to do fine, even Kean.
He's a big first grader this year- we have him on a Kindergarten 
schedule, only going half a day.  But I think he'll be moving right up to longer
and longer days before we know it.
Yes, he's doing that well!
Knock on wood...