Reincarnated As A Mother

Friday, June 15, 2012

The Whirlwind Tour

I told you the other day how GiGi got to go with Grandpa and Grammy on a trip
(to make up for the fact they are taking Holland to Texas in a few weeks to see my niece).
Anyway, the trip was a rager!
My mom, Aunties and Grandmother took Greer with them
to see Hairspray at the Tuacahn outdoor theatre near St. George, Utah.
I've never been but I hear the setting is stunning (it is the red rock canyons).
My mom took several pictures of Greer with the cast after the show.
Here's a couple...

The other major highlight was going on a date with these two...
Chris and April.
April and I grew up one house away from each other in Vegas.
We used to play "Charlie's Angels" and sneak through our neighbors backyard.
It was only later we learned he was a hit man for the mob.
No kidding.
That explains why he used to get so mad at us!
Anyway... they picked up Greer from my parents house
and took her out on the town.
They went to see the Cirque de Soleil show:  The Beatle's LOVE
at the Mirage, then out to dinner (which she slept through).
The next morning, it was out for a yummy breakfast
(Greer claims she ate something along the lines of 20 pancakes),
then swimming with April's friend's daughter - they've become fast friends...
and then to see the new Madagascar movie.
She came home giddy, chatty and exhausted.
Talk about memorable!


april said...

We LOVED hanging out with beautiful, sweet, intelligent Greer!! Please thank her for the gorgeous thank-you she sent. Love and miss you guys! xoxo