Reincarnated As A Mother

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Oh Father!

I have never been much of a cartoon fan.
But Byron and I both have this memory from when we were kids of the cartoon with Sylvester, the cat.
He had this son (Sylvester Junior-- I had to Google it), who would constantly sigh "Oh Father"... each time Sylvester would get into trouble or try something dorky.
Alas, not insinuating that Byron gets into trouble often or seeks after dorkiness- but we laughingly use that phrase around our house quite often.
This year, Father's Day came just two days before Byron's birthday.
 We had a great morning, with homemade Raspberry French Toast (the girls picked berries that morning) and lots of homemade gifts.
For Byron's birthday, we got a bit fancier... inviting the Bodily's and Moomey's over to celebrate.
 After opening some pretty cool presents, the girls led him on a treasure hunt to his final gift.
He had to hold onto a ribbon and follow it as it wound through the house....
 All the way up to GiGi's room where he found a little cafe' table and chairs for the balcony.
 Since the crew had expanded so much energy on their Indiana Jones-ish treasure hunt,
they were rewarded with cake and ice cream.
And yes, those are more fresh berries.  It's that time of year.