Reincarnated As A Mother

Saturday, June 9, 2012


My little man, Keanut moved to a new level this morning.  For, oh, it feels like forever (but it's probably only been a year), we have been dealing with the issue of him throwing his food from his high chair.
And I mean, throwing his food. 
Nearly everything gets tossed.
Most of the time, it land on the floor (just call me Cinderella-- I swear I spend half of my life cleaning that floor).
And sometimes it lands with a smack on Reese (who is lucky enough to be seated in his firing range).
She's so used to it, she rarely even reacts anymore.
Routinely, we just pick it up off the floor and try to get him to eat some of it-- which eventually happens.
Anyway, we have tried EVERYTHING! 
And this morning was no exception.
He ate a few bites of pancakes (blueberry- which is a bear to clean) and chucked a few pieces.
After I scolded him for the 9 thousand 800 and 42 gazillioneth time -- and I'm not exaggerating...
he took his pancake piece, slid his arm down his side, underneath the high chair tray and casually dropped it on the floor.
I'm sure he didn't think I'd notice.
And then he did it again.
And again.
And again.
I was so surprised by his new level of "trickiness" that I had to look away....
lest he see my smile and grow encouraged.
He may not talk or walk but he has a Doctorate in driving his mom crazy.