Reincarnated As A Mother

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

While you were sleeping...

You get one guess as to where we are.
 My goal for the year (perhaps too lofty of one) was to get through it without a trip and stay in the hospital.
Now, depending on how you score this, will determine whether I made the goal.
We had a very, very early morning trip to the emergency room
'cause the little peanut wasn't breathing right.
Turns out he's got fluid in his lungs again.
Pneumonia... again.
 The good news  the very good news is the doc gave ME the choice of admitting him in the hospital
or sending him home on meds and breathing treatments.
Guess I came across as somewhat competent... since they let me take him home.
P.S.  He's doing much better.  I think home works wonders.


Stacy said...

Hope he's doing ok. Nate has some sort of plague right now. It's such fun isn't it?