Reincarnated As A Mother

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Go Figure...

Just so you know...
I thought I'd give you the report on Kean's hearing tests. 
Last week he had another ABR  (sedated hearing tests).
Here's the good news: 
His hearing improved in his left ear to the point he no longer needs his hearing aid.
Now here's the bad news.
His hearing in his right ear has worsened.
Don't ask me how we have such a split.
But I'm hoping only having to fight him on one hearing aid will allow me to win more often.
In case you've not seen him in person-- he can pull one hearing aid out before you even get the other one in.  He is scary fast.
P.S.  He had his eye testing earlier this week and his Nystagmus (shakiness) has settled down nicely and he does NOT need glasses. 


Melissa said...

We will take any good news we can get. Sorry to hear about his right ear. My cousin doesn't have any hearing in one of his ears and when he is tired and wants to sleep, he sleeps on the ear that he can hear out of and he can't hear anything. It is a postive for him because he can get good sleep. It hasn't affected him at all.
Horray for no glasses. Although he would look really cute with glasses. I would imagine trying to keep those one would have been near impossible.
Glad all is well. We love and miss you guys.
Love the new bunnies. My kids would go nuts for bunnies. So much fun!