Reincarnated As A Mother

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Our Monet Moment

Over Spring Break we did something I hope I don't live to regret.
We moved Kean in with Reese and gave Greer her own room.
Greer's new room is painted a deep Bordeaux red so we had to do some major redecorating to
take it from a vintage cowboy look to a young girls room.
Since we couldn't find any art that was just right, we decided to make our own.
And what fun that was!
 Greer sketched herself on a piece of paper and I then tried to replicate it on three small canvases.
We painted it together.
It's supposed to be Greer.
 Byron's the real artist in the family.
He took this old dresser-- and I mean old.
It was my best friend Stacy's dad's and probably his dad's or grandfather's before him.
It had a bazillion coats of hideous paint and these old locks on the front that when Byron
popped them out-- they were patented from the 1880's.
 It turned out beeyootiful and is perfect for Reese and Kean to share.


Stacy said...

Love the dresser! It looks SO good! If anyone could do it, Byron could!

Melissa said...

I can't believe how much I have missed since being away from the blogging world. It was so fun to catch up on the life of the Barker's. You guys have been busy! Love the bees. My boys, if they saw that, they would be begging us for bees. I guess if we ever have a bee problem I could call you and you could send Byron right over since he has the outfit and all. Greer, loved her video! So funny. She has a great little voice too. Love the static on Kean's hair too. Wow, when did he grow up so fast? Such a sweet family you have. We love and miss you. Now that we are not in the same stake. Will we ever see each other again? I sure hope so! We miss you guys.