Reincarnated As A Mother

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter Morn

The kids woke us up at dark-thirty to see if the Easter Bunny came.
Our family tradition has the Easter Bunny hiding the childrens' baskets.
The girls helped Kean find his-- it was pretty easy-- in his high chair.

 Reese's basket had a princess painting kit-- I don't know who enjoyed it more... Reese or Byron.
After church, we headed over to my folks for a yummy feast.
No surprise here, Grammy had some spoils for the girls (my nephew Derek was at a horse competition).
She embroidered the girls names on cute bags and gave them some hair bands and piggy banks (and candy).
 And then they were off....
for the great family easter egg hunt.
LOVED the weather that day-- perfect.
 We lined 'em up by age and let 'em loose.
The twins spilled all their gathered eggs when they tackled each other for something or other.
We enjoyed watching them as much as they enjoyed finding the candy.
 Each year Grandpa donates five bucks for each kiddo to find in their own golden egg.
Trust me, this is a big deal and the highlight for each of them.
 Alas, here they are with their spoils of war.
Kean napped through the excitement, so we staged a mini-hunt for him.

 Here's the gratuitous cute picture of the boy.  Hope everyone had as great an Easter as we did.