Reincarnated As A Mother

Sunday, April 29, 2012


Bees have been very much on the minds at the Barker homestead.
Holland has been working on a science project on our bees for the past month.
The first one didn't work, so we completely changed and started another bee project last week.
I've been stressed enough about it, I've been dreaming of bees-- scary, eh?
This afternoon, when she went to check the temperature of the hive, lookey at what she spotted:
 For those of you who are not bee-savvy, that big brown nest looking thing is a swarm of bees.  And there's actually another smaller, swarm above and to the left.
We used to have three hives but lost two over the winter.
So McGyver... I mean, Byron suited up and took down the swarms.
 He placed the bees on the branches into a bucket and moved them over to one of our empty hives.
 We figure he gathered about 5 thousand bees.
They weren't too happy at the beginning...
But I'm happy to report, they settled right down for a good night's sleep.
And we have no stings to report.
Mission successful.
Now let's hope for a good haul of honey.