Reincarnated As A Mother

Monday, November 14, 2011


Who ever knew there existed intrigue, gut wrenching competition, showmanship
and pageantry... all among the pre teen set?
We spent our Saturday evening (3 HOURS) at a model horse show.
Holland and Greer spent hours cleaning, polishing and dusting off their toy horses.
They hauled them down to Uncle Doug's horse store (Flynn's) for the big competition.
That's my niece, Morgan in the green shirt.  She gave Reese a ribbon for being the best helper.
They then had to place the horses from the right category (Arabian, Appaloosa, Draft etc)
on the table for judging.
One of Holland's horses made it to the final round.  Both girls won lots of fun
ribbons... but neither took home the top three prizes (new Breyer Model horses).
Ah, there's always next year.