Reincarnated As A Mother

Sunday, November 20, 2011


This is how I find the little guy sleeping sometimes.
It looks more than uncomfortable.
But clearly, it's not bothering him (just me).
 Yes, that's his toe right up next to his mouth.
 Most of the time, I'll "unfold" him.
P.S.  The wet spots on his sheets are not from a neglected diaper.
He has learned a new trick of shaking his water bottle to get his bed nice and wet.


Melissa said...

Talk about flexible! That is incredible. Hope you are doing well. How are the kiddos doing? Going anywhere for Thanksgiving? I have been thinking about you guys. Sure love and miss ya!
Have I ever sent you an invite for our family blog? If not let me know on facebook or email and I will send you one.

Terra said...

My friends little girl has down's...when i used to teach her sunday school class, she would fold up just like your little guy (in a folding chair!) and go to sleep:) I never took it personally! So cute!