Reincarnated As A Mother

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Boo (hoo)!

Ah the chaos of Halloween night.
You moms know certainly know what I'm referring to!
It also happened to be our neighbor, Jaimey's (Greer's buddy) birthday.
Her dad asked if he could bring over cake and ice cream and have us help her celebrate.

 To add to the craziness, Jaimey forgot her Halloween costume over at her
mother's house (quite a hike away)
So we quickly threw together another witch (she wanted to be like Greer).
They looked pretty darn cute.
 We were late getting off...
but visited my parents, the Bodily's and the Angus'...
of course, they were spoiled rotten.
 We headed over to a nearby neighborhood...
where Greer's teacher from church stages a massive haunted house each year.
We ran into this crazy woman-- our good friend Sally with her Chucky baby.
Byron's always joking he's going to turn me in for two 20 year olds...
I think I'll remind him of this picture... this is about the caliber
of "lookers" he should be able to get!
 We found the haunted house the kids were so excited to visit.
We had to wait in line about 30 minutes
(which is a real commitment for the kiddos-- you know, less candy).
The minute we got inside, well, I should say, the first scary character that
said boo... launched Greer into tears.  Reese wasn't too far behind.
They couldn't get it over with fast enough.
The rest of us, thought it was great though.
 We ended the night with a visit to our dear old neighbor, Nancy.
The old isn't referring to her age, by any means.
We just have a long standing tradition of visiting her and taking a picture just
like this one... with the kids all dressed up.
We've done it every year we've lived here.. except for last year.
She lost her house in the 2010 fire and no longer lives next door.
So it was a particular "treat" to get back on track with our tradition.


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