Reincarnated As A Mother

Friday, September 2, 2011

Skeeters, S'mores and Smiles

We went camping up to Stanley Lake the other week and, oy, did we have fun.
Other than Kean deciding he couldn't sleep in a camp trailer
and the plethora of mosquitoes,
it was near -near perfect.

 We went on a "little" hike up to see a waterfall.
Somehow we missed the sign (it had fallen off the tree) and kept walkin' and walkin'.
Our little afternoon hike with the kids
turned out to be an 8 plus miler.
The kids were amazing... until the last mile and a half.
Then it was pure torture.
Greer had blisters, Reese thought she was dying
and Kean was out cold.
 Our good friend Kate brought her two cute girls up to play with our girls for one afternoon.
This has gotta be one of my favorite pics-- I mean, who doesn't wear boots with a swim suit!
 On our final day, we drove up to Red Fish Lake-- which is beyootiful... but too crowded on a weekend for my taste.

 Kean was digging the sand and the water...
 So much so, that he was shoving handfuls into his mouth.
We finally put a stop to that and got him a real snack.
Look at that belly... he is getting plenty to eat.
I promise.


Deb said...

How can you look that good and still be camping. You are amazing. Love your cute family - deb

The Good Life on Less! said...

That lake is so pretty!

Marti said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Slap a few and spread 'em on toast! That boy is starving! Give him a nice peanut butter and skeeter sammy!

(Hey... why not? They were making lunch out of him?)