Reincarnated As A Mother

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Kean's WIndow

They say infants and toddlers have "windows" that open up where they
have accelerated learning.
I'm pretty sure Kean is in one of those right now.
He has all of a sudden started using his signs (sign language) that we've
drilled into him since pretty much day one.
He is routinely saying buh-buh while waving bye bye etc.
And then today (drum roll please)... we were sitting in church
and the little terrorist who has decided that he wants nothing
to do with sitting in church-- in the middle of his fit reached for
me and cried "Ma Ma".
That may not sound like a big deal to you...
but to hear him connect those words to me... was a much awaited for first!
I also thought I'd show you one of his new favorite work-outs in therapy with Maureen.
 She has this long tunnel made out of soft fabric that he loves to crawl through--
and he's not even scared.
Clearly, the other children like crawling through it too-- those are Holland's feet sticking out.
 That blob in the middle is actually Kean.
This little guy could give G.I. Joe a serious run for his money.
He has mastered the fine art of the army crawl-- and boy, oh boy can he move fast!


Whitney said...

Yay for MAMA! :) He makes me smile too!

Marti said...

Congratulations, Lonni! I know that meant the world and everything in it to you and Byron and the girls! Big WHOOP!!!

The Good Life on Less! said...

That is very exciting about his words ... on the other hand, as a claustrophobic, that tunnel makes me queasy!

Kim said...

Lonni, how exciting! That must have made your year! Congrats!