Reincarnated As A Mother

Friday, September 9, 2011


We must be gluttons for punishment-- going camping again with all of us crammed into our camper!
Was it fun?  Um, not so much.
At least not for me... but I think everyone else had fun.
Here are the highlights...
we scored our great, great secluded spot next to the river.
And we got to go with our favorite friends:  Ron, Mark and Elly.
 We love the privacy and the location. 
The girls love the horse trough that works perfectly well as an outdoors gymnastic bar...
 Reese-- ever the fashion plate did not let us down.
 And you know the kids are having fun when they look like what their Aunt calls:  "Dirt Chickens".
We spent a lovely afternoon pruning our skin in the hot springs at Silver Creek Plunge.
 It felt like a giant bathtub... minus the bubbles. 
But we did get rid of a fine layer of dirt.
 On Sunday, Byron, Mark and Elly attended the church of the great outdoors with the girls.
I stayed back with Kean to "try" and get him to nap.
"Try" being the key word here... he for some reason developed a severe allergy to sleeping in the camper that weekend!
 He also fine-tuned his throwing abilities-- chucking his food like a pro pitcher.
But look at how adorable he is... sitting inside Elly's pop up camper.
The girls rode and rode and rode the 4 wheeler (in their swimsuits).
 Ron let the girls "help" him fish... they caught and released a handful of little guys.
 Love, love, love this picture of Marc charming Kean or Kean charming Marc.
You choose.
 And finally... this pic marks what has become a yearly tradition--- the monster whip cream mouths!
Okay, okay, we did all have fun...
Reesey just came down with a doozy of an earache.
She woke up all night, all weekend screaming in pain.
We came back and took her to Urgent Care
(let me give you a word advice... avoid, avoid, avoid Urgent Care on Labor Day... 'nuff said).
She had a double ear infection - an inner and outer in her right ear.
Finally, here it is on Friday and she if seems to be over the severe pain.
All I can say is between Kean and Reese,  I need a vacation to recover from our vacation.