Reincarnated As A Mother

Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Best Possible Results!

I'm hoping Kean won't remember how traumatic
it was for him to go through all this hospital testing.
I tell ya, I never want to go through it again. Holding him 
down was traumatic for me!
As a refresher, Kean had a couple of seizures a month or so ago.
Lucky us, we got to spend the night in the hospital
to test his brain activity and his sleep patterns.
That miserable, miserable test showed he has moderate
sleep apnea and surprise-- his heart was stopping several times in the night
for two seconds or more.
That new, little trick earned us another trip to the hospital
to take home a heart harness monitor.
More fun times, especially in the middle of the night
as Kean woke me up time and time again to say "off"!
We finally got in to see our new Pediatric Cardiologist
(super cool Dr. Womack).  We still have to wait
to see the Pediatric Neurologist and the Pulmonary Specialist.
We got the best possible news!
And I think Kean even sensed what the doc was going to find. 
 He ran more tests and talked our ears off...
 But here are the cliff notes.
He said, and I quote:  "Bottom line, your son has a good ticker".
In other words, this mama doesn't need to worry!
Now to get through the next two appointments.
And certainly hoping for the same good results.


Mark Lewis said...

You are so strong and are always in my prayers! Philippians 4 8&9