Reincarnated As A Mother

Monday, January 30, 2017

18 Jam Packed Years

Happy Anniversary to this guy--
my guy.
18 years- wow.
What we've been through is enough to fill
several books.  But hopefully, we are better people for it.
 Greer and Reese went all out and decorated our room
to mark the occasion.
 Here's the sad part though,
Kean and I are both sick--
we stayed home today.
He with two infected ears and two infected eyes.
Me, a raging case of Bronchitis.
He's back on antibiotics (again).
I'm on codeine cough syrup and steroids to try and clear 
up my cough.
Greer says I says I sound like a dying squirrel.
You can see our batch of drugs behind the pizza boxes.
Byron brought home Pizza Hut after I ordered Dominoes!
(This is even the shortened stack.  We pawned off a pizza on the Bodily's)!
Kean and I did venture out of the house for his big cancer screens at MSTI.
I'd already cancelled a few times because of the flu so felt we should
try and make this one since by afternoon we were both feeling somewhat better.
 Typical Kean-- he ripped off every mask-- so they kept us
quarantined into a room to do vitals, blood draws and the full exam.
All went well-- his counts are good-- even though they had
to take blood twice (they messed up his first submissions).
And the even better news-- we don't have to go back for another three months!