Reincarnated As A Mother

Monday, April 11, 2016

Hodge Podge

Now that life is back to a more "normal" dull roar,
I've slacked off on keeping this updated.
So sorry.
Here's a quick run down of this past week's highlights.
We dropped Holland off (in her suit) and suitcase in tow
for a few days downtown at the state HOSA competition.
Don't worry, I'd never heard of HOSA either.
It stands for Health Occupational Students Association-
basically a club and competition for future health professionals.
She had a blast-- it was just kind of weird for us to have her away.
 And now that Kean's health has improved and he's getting his
energy level back up, it is time to get him back into regular
therapy.  He had his first Physical Therapy session in a pool.
 Every other week he will have therapy with one of his
former P.T.'s at a pool in the basement of a building over
by St. Al's.  
 My favorite part- I'm not so sure it was his - was when
she placed him in this contraption.
It is just a floaty but it buckles twice behind his neck and keeps
his head up while keeping his hands and legs free to flail
and kick.
 I think it was a little disconcerting for him in the beginning
but he soon was all over the place- acting like he owns the pool.
 Finally, my cute 97 year old grandmother was interviewed
by one of the local newspapers (Middleton) about her legacy.
Have I told you I'm one of 83 grandchildren!!!
Around our house, most of the time the girls don't call
her Grandma Great-- it's Grandma the Great!
And that couldn't be truer.
She is truly one of the wonders of this world.