Reincarnated As A Mother

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Birth Control

Holland's teacher is either brilliant or a villain.
All the kids in her Health Occupations class have brought
home these mini terrorists.
 The computers inside have them crying at all hours- day and NIGHT!
And did I mention loud enough to wake up half the house.
Holland has a set of plastic keys-- she has to insert
into the computer to stop the baby crying when she needs
her diaper changed, burped, attention or to eat.
 There's also a panic key-- that if you get sick of it (or go crazy
from the lack of sleep), you can insert.  But that also means you
fail the project.  I learned today the mother of one of the girls
in Holland's class used the dreaded panic key.  (So don't blame her)!
Anyway, here's the beauty of it-- the experiment comes with
the added bonus of birth control.  Doubt any of these kids
will want to fool around after taking care of these half pint monsters.