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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sweet Carolina.... dunt, dunt, dunt...

Last weekend, I went back to North Carolina.
I met my long-time friend, Diane in Vegas and we flew back together.
Somehow, we walked out of the car rental office with keys not to
the  Ford Focus we'd reserved
but this little Mustang.
 We packed in more than should be possible in a few days....
starting with lunch with this guy.
Murphy is the asst. U.S. Attorney in Carolina and
one of my favorite friends from the ol' days.
Without getting him into trouble all these years later,
let's just say, he was very knowledgeable, helpful and re-source-ful
on some of my biggest investigations.
He and Diane also dated a bit.
So we had quite the fun lunch.
 That night we had dinner with my old roommate, Joanne and
our good friend, Larry.
 Joanne's parents (I adore these two) joined us for dinner
and boy, did we have fun looking at old pictures, reminiscing
and telling heelarious stories.
This may sound silly, but one of the highlights of the night
was when Drewry (Joanne's dad) hugged me
goodbye and called me "puddin".
Don't know about you, but I just love, love, love the South.
 This is my darling cousin, Liz and her sweet Esther.
She let Diane and I use her house as a crash pad.

Before you ask, if all we did is meet friends for lunch and dinner
(don't forget breakfast)... yes, that's pretty much what we did.
We actually went back to N.C. for the 20 year anniversary of when
our news helicopter crashed, killing three of my co-workers
(one of them, our pilot, who happened to be engaged to Diane).
I'll write about that next time.
It deserves its own post.


The Good Life on Less! said...

I remember Joanne. How fun to see a picture of her.

Marti said...

It's so wonderful to see you with your friends, looking so relaxed. Posts like this are like flowers... delivered to my inbox.