Reincarnated As A Mother

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ramp Up to Halloween

                                                                                                  The festivities have begun.

The girls went over to the Angus' house, where Mike-- bless his soul-- helped
the girls carve out their pumpkins.
Holland told him it was part of our family tradition to have a "pumpkin guts" fight.
Yeah, right.
So Mike, being the good sport (or the easy mark-- you choose) agreed!
By the time I got there to pick 'em up... all the pumpkin mayhem
was cleaned up.
I did, however get a picture of Reese in her scary teeth...
The girls had gotten the pumpkins from our neighbor and Holland and Greer's former 2nd grade teacher,
Mrs. Kwid's.  Each fall, she invites all her students, their families... and a couple of hoodlum
girls from the neighborhood (that would be my girls) over for
hay rides and the picking of a pumpkin out of her patch.

This is our fourth year... with likely more to come.
Reese won't hit 2nd grade for another 2 years.
We love where we live!