Reincarnated As A Mother

Sunday, August 7, 2011


I have an excuse for not posting.
I've been out of town.
No kids... but it wasn't a vacation.
I'll explain later.
For now though, I'm in a bit of a funk.
Our church congregation (ward) is getting chopped up.
Our church has grown so much in this area, they are re-aligning boundaries and we have been exiled, ooops, I mean, sent
to a new ward in a new building.
This will be hard on all of us in that we have loved, loved, loved this ward.
This is the group that rallied around me, served and loved us when
I spent half of 2009 at the hospital.
There are so many great, great people I will miss seeing each Sunday...
including this guy.
Months and months ago Andy asked me if he could hold Kean during our first meeting (Sacrament).
I can't even begin to explain it-- but there is some amazing connection between the two.
I'd get emotional just watching them stare into each others eyes with pure love.
Nearly every Sunday since then, I walk in the door and Andy takes Kean-- he holds him,
plays with him and more often than not, gets him to settle down and sleep.
Andy will kill me for saying this... but it was truly one of the sweetest things I've witnessed in this life.
We love you Andy!


Tricia said...

What ward are you in now?

TooFunn2 said...

We love Kean! This is going to be, but rough ;-(