Reincarnated As A Mother

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Cat Walk

Oooh, I am so far behind on my posts.
I guess that just tells you we've been busy 'round here wrapping up summer.
Tonight Greer and Reese did makeovers on each other and then put on a fashion show for the family.
Thought you'd enjoy a little Fall Preview of what's hot and highly in style!

 Never a dull moment with those crazy girls around.
I also thought you'd like a little Kean update.
He's a movin' machine... if you're around him, you can testify to how amazingly flexible he is...
he can sleep folded over in half and easily do the splits.
 He's also mastered the army crawl--- crawling over sisters and everything else in his way!
He can easily get to a sitting position on his own
and today at church, he pulled himself up several times to peer at the folks sitting in the bench behind us!
I think he is trying to figure out this new ward (church congregation) as much as we are.
And finally, he can wave bye-bye and say buh-buh at the same time!
He just started that a few days ago and I tell ya, we are pretty thrilled.


Marti said...

Wow, that first picture... you can really see who, at five years old, has been studying the "bored disdain" of professional models. Is this a career choice?

Joseph and Kamber said...

So great to run into you at the store today.