Reincarnated As A Mother

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Vegas Baby

Let me quote my dear husband:
"We are having Prime Rib.  Sorry for your bad luck!"
 I'm home while the whole gang (including my parents)
are spending Spring Break in Vegas.
I had to take a business trip to Atlanta
(I had an incredible view from my hotel room)...
 and got home yesterday in time for another baby cow
to make its debut this morning.
It looks and sounds like they are having a grand time.
I'm told Kean only whined for me for the first couple of days
(he's now conveniently forgotten about me)- ha.
They spent one day hiking around one of our favorites--
Valley of Fire.
 If you haven't been, it's about 45 miles outside of Vegas.
 And has all kinds of cool historical stories (about a renegade Indian
who killed a few people and hid up in these canyons)
and lots of Indian Petroglyphs.
 They got to have dinner with my childhood best friend and her husband--
and have been living it up in the sun at Grammy and Grandpa's house.
 There's no pool but a jacuzzi is just as good.
This is the house my parents are trying to sell -- again.
In case you didn't know, they had it sold once but the
guy died three weeks before closing.
If you know of anyone... er, looking to buy, not die--
let me know!