Reincarnated As A Mother

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The "Sorta" Test Results

I've had so many of you ask if we got the results from Kean's
testing on his seizures.
Well, kinda.
We don't meet with the Neurologist for a few more weeks
but Kean's pediatrician called on Friday to say while he hasn't
gotten the official report, he did not see anything scary.
However,  (and geez, doesn't there always have to be a however with 
this kid), the sleep study showed his heart stopped several times
during the night for short durations (over 2 seconds is all I know).
So guess what?!?!
We now get to add another new doctor to our stable.
Lucky us.
We are hoping it is no big deal.  But for a kid
with his health history, we don't get to skate.
Kean's new Cardiologist ordered a heart monitor harness
for 24 hours- Monday onto Tuesday.
That's Nicholle, Kean's therapist helping
me hold him down so the technician can
put the sensors in the right spots.
 Surprisingly, it wasn't too much of a battle.
And he didn't fight it quite as much as I expected
at home.
The night was a bit rough (he woke up several times
to tell me "off").
But we completed the test without having to re-attach
any of the sensors.  So that's definitely a win-win
in my book.
We turned it all back into the hospital yesterday.
And now we all wait.
We see his new Cardiologist on January 12th.
Stay tuned.
The fun sure never ends, does it!